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Build the next generation of tools for UI development

Our mission is to enable developers at every level of ability to build great UIs, faster.

Our ultimate goal

We aim high trying to design the most effective and efficient tool for building UIs, for developers and designers. MUI started back in 2014, to unify React and Material Design. Since then, we've become a community of over 2M developers from every corner of the world.

We plan on doing all that cultivating our values:

Customer obsessed. We put our customers front & center.

Transparency. Most of our work is public.

Freedom. We work from anywhere in the world.

Autonomy. We want to create a safe, high-trust team.

Excellence. We're aiming high, and we know it.


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Perks & benefits

To help you go above and beyond with us, we provide:

Remote work: Our entire company is distributed.

Retreats: We meet up every eight months for a week of working and having fun together!

Equipment: MUI will provide the hardware of your choice (initial grant of $2,500 USD).

Time off: We provide five weeks of paid time off.

Open roles (3)

The company is bootstrapped (so far). It was incorporated in mid-2019 and is growing fast (x2-3 YoY). We doubled the team in 2020 (6), accelerated in 2021 (15), kept a similar pace in 2022 (25), and we plan to triple it in 2023 (75). We're looking for help to grow in the following areas:


Product Engineer - StoreYou will lead the technical, product, and operational development of the store.More about this role
Accessibility EngineerYou will become our go-to expert for accessibility, to ensure all products meet or exceed WCAG 2.1 level AA guidelines.More about this role


Product Marketing ManagerYou will own the marketing efforts at MUI.More about this role

Next roles

We hire in batches, we collect applications a few months before we actively aim to fill the roles. If none of these roles fit with what you are looking for, you can apply to the Dream job role.


Full-stack Engineer - ToolpadYou will join the MUI Toolpad team, to explore the role of MUI in the low code space and help bring the early prototype to a usable product.More about this role
React Community Engineer - XYou will provide guidance, remove blockers, and unwrap potential features from reported issues for the advanced components team. You will directly impact developers' satisfaction and success.More about this role
React Engineer - XYou will strengthen the MUI X product, build ambitious and complex new features, work on strategic problems, and help grow adoption.More about this role
React Tech Lead - CoreYou will lead the development of MUI Core, positioning the library as the industry standard for design teams while doubling its adoption.More about this role
React Engineer - CoreYou will strengthen the core components team by collaborating with the community to land contributions.More about this role


Design EngineerYou will focus on design to implement great product experiences.More about this role


Technical RecruiterYou will hire the next engineers, among other roles, joining the team.More about this role


Account Executive

You will build client relationships and manage the sales process from start to finish.


Support Agent - Store

You will provide support for the customers of MUI Store. You will directly impact customers' satisfaction and success.

Frequently asked questions

Are there application deadlines?

No. If a job is visible on our careers page, then you can still apply.
No. We ask applicants to complete challenges that are close to their future day-to-day contributions.
Yes. People outside of France can be hired as full-time contractors. (Benefits may vary.)

Got any questions unanswered or need more help?

We're to help you with any other question you have about our hiring process.

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