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From community guidance to critical business support, we're here to help.

Community help

Welcome to the MUI community! Our tools are used by thousands of developers and teams all around the world, many of whom actively engage with the community through various online platforms. These are the best places to start asking questions and looking for answers when you need help.

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow contains a wealth of information about Material UI and other MUI products, spanning many years and countless discussion threads. Head here to see if your problem has already been resolved by the community, or else post a question to get help from community experts as well as MUI maintainers.


MUI uses GitHub issues to track bug reports and feature requests.

If you think you've found a bug in the codebase, or you have an idea for a new feature, please search the issues on GitHub before opening a new one, to ensure you're not creating a duplicate.

New issue guidelines

  • Please follow one the issue templates provided on GitHub.
  • Please begin the title with "[ComponentName]" (if relevant), and use a succinct description that helps others find similar issues.
    • "It doesn't work"
    • "[Button] Add support for {{new feature}}"
  • Please don't group multiple topics in one issue.
  • Please don't comment "+1" on an issue. It spams the maintainers and doesn't help move the issue forward. Use GitHub reactions instead (👍).

Social media

The MUI community is active on both Twitter and LinkedIn. These are great platforms to share what you're working on and connect with other developers.

Please keep in mind that we don't actively monitor direct messages on the company's social media accounts, so this is not a good way to get in touch with us directly.

MUI does not offer paid support for Core libraries like Material UI. The section below covers support for MUI X components—see the MUI X Support page for complete details.

Pro and Premium plans

MUI X is available through one of three pricing plans: Community, Pro, and Premium.

Support for the (free) Community plan is limited to the public channels outlined above—the same as what's available for MUI Core libraries.

Pro and Premium users can receive direct support from MUI X maintainers, but keep in mind that this support does not extend to MUI Core libraries. Please make use of community support for non-MUI X components.

The Premium plan provides developers with the highest priority for support tickets. We don't currently offer service-level agreements (SLAs), but we plan to in the future.

Tidelift subscription

MUI and the maintainers of thousands of other packages work with Tidelift to deliver one enterprise subscription that covers all of the open-source you use.

If you want the flexibility of open-source and the confidence of commercial-grade software, this is worth looking at.

The Tidelift Subscription manages your dependencies for you:

  • Get the tools you need to continuously catalog and understand the open-source software that your application depends on.
  • Your subscription helps pay the open-source community maintainers of the packages you use, to ensure they meet the standards you require.
  • Address issues proactively, with tools that scan for new security, licensing, and maintenance issues, and alert participating open-source maintainers so they can resolve them on your behalf.
  • Tidelift helps measure and improve your open-source dependencies' health—which improves your app's health—and gives a shortlist of high-impact steps your team can take to improve them even more.
  • Get commercial assurances that don't come for free with open-source packages, such as intellectual property indemnification and support under a service level agreement. You expect these guarantees from proprietary software, and you can get them when using open-source as well.

The end result? All of the capabilities you expect from commercial-grade software, for the full breadth of open-source you use. That means less time grappling with esoteric open-source trivia, and more time building your own applications—and your business.

Learn more about Tidelift and request a demo today.

Custom work

If your team gets stuck and needs help getting unblocked, MUI's engineers may be available on a contract basis.

Keep in mind that the work must be directly related to MUI's products—we don't accept general web development or React work.

Our contracting price starts at $200/hour or $1,500/day.

Send us an email summarizing of your needs, and we'll let you know whether we can help (or else try to suggest alternatives).