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React Templates

Browse our collection of free React templates to get started building your app with Material UI, including a React dashboard, React landing page, and more.

Free templates

Our curated collection of free Material UI templates includes dashboards, landing pages, sign-in and sign-up pages, a blog, a checkout flow, and more. They can be combined with one of the example projects to form a complete starter.

Sections of each layout are clearly defined either by comments or use of separate files, making it simple to extract parts of a page (such as a "hero unit", or footer, for example) for reuse in other pages. For multi-part examples, a table in the README at the linked source code location describes the purpose of each file.


Contains a taskbar and a mini variant drawer. The chart is courtesy of Recharts.

Landing page

A responsive landing page layout with common sections found in marketing pages.


A step-by-step checkout flow with an adaptable (or optional) number of steps.


A simple sign-in page using text fields, buttons, checkboxes, links, and more.

side

A sign-in page with a two-column layout using text fields, buttons, and more.


A simple sign-up page using text fields, buttons, checkboxes, links, and more.


A polished blog page layout. Markdown support is courtesy of markdown-to-jsx.

Sticky footer

Attach a footer to the bottom of the viewport when page content is short.

See any room for improvement? Please feel free to open an issue or pull request on GitHub.

Premium templates

Looking for something more? You can find complete templates and themes in the premium template section.

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