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September 2019 Update

Olivier Tassinari


Here are the most significant improvements in September:

  • 💄 Add startIcon and endIcon props for the button. It makes it simpler to append an icon:

    button icons

    import DeleteIcon from '@mui/icons-material/Delete';
    <Button startIcon={<DeleteIcon />}>Delete</Button>;
  • 🔐 Add support for Chrome autofill. The InputBase component detects Chrome autofill events and updates the label position accordingly.


  • 📊 Launch a Developer Survey as a precursor to a major DatePicker enhancement effort.We plan a new investment batch of between 100 and 500 hours.

  • 📚 Change imports from @mui/styles to @mui/material/styles

    The presence of two almost identical import paths has been a source of confusion: @mui/styles and @mui/material/styles. Starting with v4.5.1, the documentation mentions @mui/material/styles as much as possible.

    -import { makeStyles } from '@mui/styles';
    +import { makeStyles } from '@mui/material/styles';

    This change removes the need to install the @mui/styles package directly. It prevents the duplication of @mui/styles in bundles and avoids confusion. You can learn more about the difference in the documentation.

But this summary is just scratching the surface. We have accepted 199 commits from 61 different contributors. We have changed 1,219 files with 18,223 additions and 11,957 deletions.

Our roadmap intent for October

(We'll do our best, no guarantee!)

  • 🔍 We will provide a ready-to-use autocomplete, combo box, and multi-select components in the lab. You can already preview it.


    Combo box (limited options)




    Autocomplete (free options)

  • 📅 We will start to work on a major upgrade of the date/time picker components.

  • 🧮 We will start to work on a Data Table component. ⭐️ Notice that the advanced features of the data grid will be paid, behind an enterprise subscription. This is an effort part of our roadmap to answer enterprise needs.

  • ❓ Please upvote our GitHub issues if you want something specific. The number of 👍 helps us to prioritize.