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Michał Dudak joins MUI

Olivier Tassinari


We are excited to share that Michał Dudak has joined MUI! He started a couple of days ago full-time and is part of the core components team.

Before joining MUI, Michał worked as a full-stack engineer and software architect at Future Processing, a high-end development agency in Poland. He has been a professional practitioner in the field for over a decade. He admires great designs and clever solutions. Creating with TypeScript and CSS is a pleasure for him.

We were impressed by his technical challenge. He leveraged most of the best practices we enforce when writing components, without prior experience contributing to our codebase.

While we can't predict the future, Michał is currently responsible for the development of a new vertical for MUI: the unstyled & headless React components. Marija initiated this effort with a couple of new modules under the @mui/base package. This is a strategic effort for us, with the intent to solve two problems:

  1. Share logic between Material Design and the second design specification that Jun will work on. This is important to stay efficient.
  2. Grow the audience of the library. It provides a new customization tradeoff. It maximizes freedom and minimizes bundle-size. We have recently exceeded 20% market share of the React ecosystem (@mui/material downloads divided by react-dom downloads). We're aiming for +20% of the market coming from this effort in the next four years.

Michał is the third of a series of five new positions we have recently opened and filled. We will reach 11 people by the end of June. We have opened these positions as our revenue growth allows. These new roles will help accelerate our mission, strengthen our existing offering, and initiate a new vertical. You can find the next positions we aim to fill in the Career page.

We couldn't be more excited to have Michał on the team!