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Matheus Wichman joins MUI

Olivier Tassinari


We are excited to share that Matheus Wichman has joined MUI. He started a couple of days ago full-time, and is part of the advanced components team.

Before joining MUI, Matheus worked as a software engineer at a consulting agency in Brazil. He has spent the last three years focusing on React and the frontend world - his last project was for a payment processing company, where he created a design system based on Material UI and developed new components for enterprise applications. Matheus is passionate about software development, so much so that he started his career very early on, coding in PHP and JavaScript, at age 14.

We were impressed by his capability to quickly jump into an unknown codebase and solve problems at their root. In a couple of days, he has managed to report and fix bugs, both in the core components (mui/material-ui) and in the advanced components repository (mui/mui-x).

While we can't predict the future, Matheus will initially help us deliver the planned breaking changes of Material UI v5, increase the pace of development of the date range picker, and push the data grid forward.

Matheus is the first of a series of 5 new positions we have recently opened and almost all filled. We will cross the 10 person milestone in the coming weeks. We have opened these positions as our revenue growth allows. At the current pace, we will soon open new positions. You can follow us on X to hear about upcoming positions. These new roles will help accelerate our mission, strengthen our existing offering, and initiate a new vertical.

We couldn't be more excited to have Matheus on the team!