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Marija Najdova joins MUI

Olivier Tassinari


We are excited to share that Marija Najdova has joined MUI. She has started this week full-time, and is now part of the community team.

Before joining MUI, Marija worked on the React implementation of Fluent UI at Microsoft. She's passionate about React, design systems, and component driven development. At Microsoft, as part of the Fluent UI core team since 2018, she was responsible for the icons, animations and various theme related features.

Marija is off to a running start, having made important changes happen during her free time, even before starting! These include a new structure for the theme object, as well as the ability to add custom variants in v5:

She is now actively working on the unstyled components and the update of the style engine. These are two items we've been eager to push forward since the release of v1 but that required someone to be dedicated to tackling them.

The community team will continue developing the foundations on which to build great design systems.

We couldn't be more excited to have Marija on the team! You can follow her on X.