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July 2019 Update

Olivier Tassinari


Here are the most significant improvements in July:

  • 🌳 We have introduced a new Tree View component in the lab. Big thanks to Josh for it.

    Tree View

  • 💄 We have added support for vertical tabs.

    Vertical tabs

  • ⚛️ We have introduced a codemod that makes it easy to migrate to top-level imports. Read our Minimizing Bundle Size guide to learn how your project should be configured.

    import { Button, TextField } from '@mui/material';
  • ⭐️ We have introduced a new Rating component in the lab.


But this summary is just scratching the surface. We have accepted 146 commits from 54 different contributors. We have changed 2,004 files with 29,022 additions and 25,455 deletions.

Our roadmap intent for August

(We'll do our best, no guarantee!)

  • 🔍 We will work on providing ready-to-use autocomplete, combo box, and multi-select components.

  • 🦴 We will continue to work on a new Skeleton component. You can already preview it.


  • ❓ Please upvote our GitHub issues if you want something specific. The number of 👍 helps us to prioritize.