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MUI is now on Discord!

Rich Bustos


Discord banner with link

This year, one of our highest priorities has been to create a central hub for the MUI community. Up until now, our community has been scattered across discussions and interactions on X, LinkedIn, GitHub, and Stack Overflow.

That's why we've officially launched our Discord Server—and we'd love for you to be a part of our community!

Come join to engage in lively discussions, share your projects, and interact with the MUI team as well as developers just like you from all around the world.

Why you should join our Discord Server?

There are a plethora of reasons why you should join, but here are the three biggest benefits:

  1. Real-time communication with our community: As mentioned above, our communication with the community has often been slow and scattered across too many different platforms. Developers are frequently unsure whether to open an issue on GitHub, tweet at us, or send us an email when they have a question or want to share feedback.

    Discord provides real-time chat capabilities, allowing you to communicate and collaborate with us and other developers, instantly.

    What's a better way to get a real-time response from the MUI team and other users?!

  2. Community building: Discord is a great place for us to get together and chat! For so long, there wasn't a way for us to get together. We have big plans to set up events such as hack-a-thons, monthly office hours with our Developer Advocates, speaking events with MUI founders, and the list goes on.

  3. Networking and collaboration opportunities: We want this to be a safe place where you can join, have fun, and meet new people. Someone is out there using this same tool as you. We created two awesome channels to help you find work opportunities (and we can always create more—just let us know what you need)!

    1. 🎨 │ Show-Off
      • Show off your project built with one of the MUI's open source projects! Get wild. Ask questions. Or use this channel simply to boast. 😉
    2. 📝 │ Freelance
      • Looking for some help on completing your vision? Use this channel to find work or market yourself for work. There are thousands of developers, designers, and teams using MUI. You're bound to find someone to help you complete your project.

Chat with you soon

Overall, we're super excited to have you join our community. Come show off your projects, introduce yourself in the "👋 | new-members" channel, or just ask general questions in the forums.

As always, we would love to hear from you.

See you on our Discord Server!