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Danilo Leal joins MUI

Olivier Tassinari


We are excited to share that Danilo Leal has joined MUI! He started a couple of days ago as a Lead Designer.

Before joining MUI, he worked as a designer at Loggi, a Brazilian logistics unicorn. He has spent the last five years diving into product design, product strategy, and design systems. Danilo strongly believes that code is a fundamental piece of a designer's work. It is, after all, the real medium through where users experience the product. For instance, one of his continuous contributions to Loggi was deep-diving into MUI's codebase to fulfill Loggi's customization needs.

His aspirations are well aligned with where we want to push the company in the long term. He wants to challenge the status quo. He wants to push the envelope around how products are built. We believe there are two high potential opportunities to explore: 1. how designers and developers collaborate, 2. how accessible is creating custom UIs. His design challenge assignment (done under a few hours) gave us confidence that Danilo is exactly who the role needs.

While we can't predict the future, he's initially leading the design rebranding effort. Then, he will likely focus on a second design system.

We couldn't be more excited to have Danilo on the team! He's the first designer to join us, ever. A focus area with high potential 🌈 and that we have underinvested in for too long. See the other areas we want to invest in: we are hiring.