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Move faster
with intuitive React UI tools

MUI offers a comprehensive suite of free UI tools to help you ship new features faster. Start with Material UI, our fully-loaded component library, or bring your own design system to our production-ready components.

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The world's best product teams trust MUI to deliver an unrivaled experience for both developers and users.


Every component you need is ready for production

Build at an accelerated pace without sacrificing flexibility or control.

MUI CoreFoundational components for shipping features faster. Includes Material UI.Learn more by going to the Core components pageMUI XAdvanced components for complex use cases.Learn more by going to the Advanced components pageTemplatesProfessionally designed UI layouts to jumpstart your next project.Learn more by going to the templates pageDesign kitsBring our components to your favorite design tool.Learn more by going to the design-kits page

Why build with MUI?

A delightful experience
for you and your users

Timeless aesthetics

Build beautiful UIs with ease. Start with Google's Material Design, or create your own sophisticated theme.

Intuitive customization

Our components are as flexible as they are powerful. You always have full control over how they look and behave.

Unrivaled documentation

The answer to your problem can be found in our documentation. How can we be so sure? Because our docs boast over 2,000 contributors.

Dedicated to accessibility

We believe in building for everyone. That's why accessibility is one of our highest priorities with every new feature we ship.

Production-ready components

Beautiful and powerful,
right out of the box

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"We've relied on Material UI really heavily. I override a lot of default styles to try and make things our own, but the time we save with complex components like the Autocomplete and the Data Grid are so worth it. Every other library I try has 80% of what I'm looking for when it comes to complex use cases, Material UI has it all under one roof which is a huge help for our small team."

Kyle Gill's profile picture

Kyle Gill

Engineer & Designer

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"Material UI looks great and lets us deliver fast, thanks to their solid API design and documentation - it's refreshing to use a component library where you get everything you need from their site rather than Stack Overflow. We think the upcoming version, with extra themes and customizability, will make Material UI even more of a game changer. We're extremely grateful to the team for the time and effort spent maintaining the project."

Jean-Laurent de Morlhon's profile picture

Jean-Laurent de Morlhon

VP of Engineering

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"Material UI offers a wide variety of high quality components that have allowed us to ship features faster. It has been used by more than a hundred engineers in our organization. What's more, Material UI's well architected customization system has allowed us to differentiate ourselves in the marketplace."

Joona Rahko's profile picture

Joona Rahko

Staff Software Engineer

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"After much research on React component libraries, we decided to ditch our in-house library for Material UI, using its powerful customization system to implement our Design System. This simple move did a rare thing in engineering: it lowered our maintenance costs while enhancing both developer and customer experience. All of this was done without sacrificing the organization's branding and visual identity."

Gustavo de Paula's profile picture

Gustavo de Paula

Specialist Software Engineer

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