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Data Grid - Layout

The data grid offers multiple layout modes.

Percentage dimensions

When using percentages (%) for height or width, make sure that the Data Grid's parent container has intrinsic dimensions. Browsers adjust the element based on a percentage of its parent's size. If the parent has no size, the percentage will be zero.

Predefined dimensions

You can predefine dimensions for the parent of the data grid.

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Auto height

The autoHeight prop enables the Data Grid to adjust its size based on its content. This means that the Data Grid's height will be determined by the number of rows, ensuring that all rows will be visible to the user simultaneously.

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Overlay height

When autoHeight is enabled, grid overlays (such as "Loading" or "No rows") take the height of two rows by default.

To customize the overlay height, use the --DataGrid-overlayHeight CSS variable.

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