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Migration from the lab

Material UI Tree View is now available on MUI X!


This is a reference for migrating your site's tree view from @mui/lab to @mui/x-tree-view. This migration is about the npm packages used, it does not affect the behavior of the components in your application.

Migration steps

1. Install MUI X package

npm install @mui/x-tree-view

2. Run the code mod

We have prepared a codemod to help you migrate your codebase.

You can either run it on a specific file, folder, or your entire codebase when choosing the <path> argument.

npx @mui/codemod v5.0.0/tree-view-moved-to-x <path>

Which will transform the imports like this:

-import TreeView from '@mui/lab/TreeView';
+import { TreeView } from '@mui/x-tree-view/TreeView';

-import { TreeView, TreeItem } from '@mui/lab';
+import { TreeView, TreeItem } from '@mui/x-tree-view';