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Migration from the lab

Material UI Date and Time Pickers are now available on MUI X!


This is a reference for migrating your site's pickers from @mui/lab to @mui/x-date-pickers or @mui/x-date-pickers-pro. This migration is about the npm packages used, it does not affect the behavior of the components in your application. You can find why we are moving in this direction in the announcement blog post.


Most of our components remains MIT and are accessible for free in @mui/x-date-pickers.

The range-picker components: DateRangePicker, DateRangePickerDay, DesktopDateRangePicker, MobileDateRangePicker and StaticDateRangePicker were marked as "intended for MUI X Pro" in our documentation and are now part of MUI X Pro.

If you are using one of these components, you will have to take a Pro license in order to migrate to @mui/x-date-pickers-pro (see the Pricing page for more information).

Migration steps

1. Install MUI X packages

Community plan

npm install @mui/x-date-pickers

Pro plan

npm install @mui/x-date-pickers-pro @mui/x-license-pro

When you purchase a commercial license, you'll receive a license key by email. You must set the license key before rendering the first component.

import { LicenseInfo } from '@mui/x-license-pro';


Learn more on the Licensing page.

2. Run the code mod

We have prepared a codemod to help you migrate your codebase.

You can either run it on a specific file, folder, or your entire codebase when choosing the <path> argument.

npx @mui/codemod v5.0.0/date-pickers-moved-to-x <path>

Which will transform the imports like this:

-import DatePicker from '@mui/lab/DatePicker';
+import { DatePicker } from '@mui/x-date-pickers/DatePicker';

-import DateRangePicker from '@mui/lab/DateRangePicker';
+import { DateRangePicker } from '@mui/x-date-pickers-pro/DateRangePicker';

-import { DatePicker, DateRangePicker } from '@mui/lab';
+import { DatePicker } from '@mui/x-date-pickers'; // DatePicker is also available in `@mui/x-date-pickers-pro`
+import { DateRangePicker } from '@mui/x-date-pickers-pro';

Components of the Community plan such as <DatePicker /> can be imported from both @mui/x-date-pickers-pro and @mui/x-date-pickers. Date adapters such as AdapterDayjs can only be imported from @mui/x-date-pickers/[adapterName].

3. Handle breaking changes introduced in alpha

During the migration from @mui/lab to MUI X, we've focused on enhancing stability and developer experience. Some APIs were improved to be more coherent and customizable.

Please check the complete list of the API changes before migrating from @mui/x-date-pickers 5.0.0-alpha.0 to the last v5.0.0.

Props renaming

The disableCloseOnSelect prop has been replaced by a new closeOnSelect prop which has the opposite behavior. The default behavior remains the same (close after the last step on desktop but not on mobile).

 // If you don't want to close after the last step
-<DatePicker disableCloseOnSelect={false} />
+<DatePicker closeOnSelect />

 // If you want to close after the last step
-<DatePicker disableCloseOnSelect />
+<DatePicker closeOnSelect={false} />

The props of MonthPicker, YearPicker and DayPicker have been reworked to make them more consistent for a standalone usage.

  • MonthPicker: The prop onMonthChange has been removed, you can use onChange instead since every change is a month change.
  • YearPicker: The prop onYearChange has been removed, you can use onChange instead since every change is a year change.
  • DayPicker: The prop isDateDisabled has been removed, you can now use the same validation props as for the other components (maxDate, minDate, shouldDisableDate, disableFuture and disablePast).


Props for translation have been either deprecated or removed in favor of a global localization similar to the one used by the data grid. We already have ten locales provided by the community. (Thank you!)

Use slot for ActionBar

The props related to the action bar buttons (clearable, showTodayButton, cancelText, okText) have been removed.

To decide which button must be displayed and in which order, you can now use the actions prop of the actionBar component slot props.

    // The actions will be the same between desktop and mobile
    actionBar: {
      actions: ['clear'],
    // The actions will be different between desktop and mobile
    actionBar: ({ wrapperVariant }) => ({
      actions: wrapperVariant === 'desktop' ? [] : ['clear'],

The build-in ActionBar component supports 4 different actions: 'clear', 'cancel', 'accept', and 'today'. By default, the pickers will render the cancel and accept button on mobile and no action on desktop.

If you need other actions, you can provide your own component to the ActionBar component slot

<DatePicker components={{ ActionBar: CustomActionBar }} />