theFront - Multipurpose Template + UI Kit

A professional React Kit that comes with plenty of ready-to-use Material UI components that will help you to build faster & beautiful frontend pages. Each component is fully customizable, responsive, and easy to integrate.

theFront landing page examples can be used out of the box, but since they’re built on flexible components, you can also create new pages all your own with ease. Copy-paste a section here, a component there, switch up a few variables, and you have an entirely new landing!

Includes Create React App & Next.js version

📦 Package Standard Plus Extended
JavaScript CRA
JavaScript Next.js
TypeScript CRA ⛔️
TypeScript Next.js ⛔️
Design Figma file ⛔️
⚡️ License
Use in a free end product
Use in an end product that is “sold” (one or multiple paying End Users) ⛔️ ⛔️

Built with

  • React v18
  • Material UI v5
  • Create React App v5
  • Next.js v13
  • TypeScript (available on Standard Plus and Extended Licenses)
  • Figma (available on Standard Plus and Extended Licenses)


  • 100% React hooks
  • Formik & YUP form validations
  • ESLint & Prettier
  • Next.js and Gatsby.js full integration
  • More than 65+ pages
  • 300+ component reusable compositions
  • create-react-app & react-scripts support
  • Next.js and server-side rendering support
  • Gatsby.js and server-side rendering support
  • Typescript sources
  • Dark mode support
  • Image lazy loading support
  • Animated sections on scroll
  • Parallax effect
  • Count up number animations
  • Image carousel
  • Fully responsive
  • Figma design files (available in Standard Plus & Extended licenses)
  • Free customer support
  • Free updates

Learn more

Quick start

  • Install dependencies & start the dev. server: yarn install && yarn start
  • Build on production: yarn build

Free updates for 1 year and support for 6 months

No matter how well-documented and built something is, sometimes you just need a little help! That’s why we make ourselves available to help you anytime, just contact our support at email. We’re also planning tons of updates! In addition to keeping theFront up to date with Material UI and any necessary patches, we’ll be adding new features regularly over the coming months!

Package type

Live preview


  • Quality checked by MUI team

  • 1 year of free updates
    6 months of technical support

  • Covered by our refund policy

  • Support MUI's open source projects like Material UI and Base UI.

Latest releaseDec 15, 2023
First releaseJul 17, 2020
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