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Berry is a beautiful React Admin Template that comes with many ready-to-use blended Material UI components. Berry helps you to create your backend application even faster than before. Berry now supports React v18 and you can build anything you want like the User Management app, Chat app, Customer-centric app, SaaS-based interface, and many more with high-performance code & fully responsive designs.

The Figma Design Resource file and TypeScript version are only available with the Standard Plus and Extended licenses.

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Berry is now available in multiple frameworks1  Show me

Remix Version: Live preview

What is new in v3.9.0

  • Major Figma Improvement with color variables and responsive screens
  • Added Invoice and CRM apps

Refer change logs for more details.

Package includes

The download package includes the following as per license:

 License JS TS Figma
VITE Next.js CRA2 Remix3
VITE Next.js CRA2 Remix3
VITE Next.js CRA2 Remix3

Key features

  • Modern aesthetics UI design
  • Quick Start with the Skeleton version
  • New - 6+ Color Presets
  • New - Font Family options (Roboto, Poppins, Inter)
  • Light / Dark Layouts
  • Eye-catchy material color palette
  • Hundreds of customized Material UI components
  • Pre-build useful pages & Apps
  • Vertical, Horizontal, and Collapse Layouts options
  • LTR / RTL (Right-to-Left) Layouts
  • Responsive design that supports all modern browsers
  • Easy-to-use code & folder structure
  • Prettier and well-commented code style
  • Internationalization (i18n) Support
  • Easy documentation guide & Video tutorials

What's new in v3.x?

  • React v18 support
  • New landing pages
  • Horizontal / Collapse layout
  • Organization chart
  • Redux Toolkit
  • AWS Cognito login
  • Mega menu
  • Add invoice page
  • SaaS pages like - Privacy Policy and FAQ
  • Image upload in Kanban
  • Performance enhancement


  • 95+ Ready-to-use pages
  • 5+ conceptual Apps like E-commerce, Mail, Chat, User Management, Contact, and Calendar
  • Vertical page Layout with unlimited Menu level support
  • Live Customizer with options for font selection, Layout switcher, and border radius
  • 2 Conceptual dashboards
  • 50+ Data, Statistics, and Chart widgets
  • Contact App with Card & List variants
  • Form Plugins like Mask, Editor, Autocomplete, Clipboard, and many more
  • Form Layouts - Multicolumn, Sticky, Action bar
  • Form Validation & Form Wizards
  • Animation & Color Shadows
  • Table variants like Simple table, Data table, Data Grid, and Enhanced table with search, filter, and pagination support
  • 4 Variants of Authentication pages - Login, Register, Forget & Reset the password, OTP verification
  • Maintenance Pages like Error, coming soon (2 variants), under construction
  • Utility pages like Grid, Typography, Color, Shadows, and Icons (i.e. 2,000+ Material Icons, Tabler Icons)
  • New - Landing Page
  • Contact Page

Technology stack

  • Built with Material UI v5 component library
  • Authentication using - Auth0, Firebase, JWT, AWS Cognit
  • Built with React Hooks API
  • Redux Toolkit
  • Redux & React Context API for State Management
  • React Router for Navigation Routing
  • Axios for mock API data
  • Create React App 
  • Code Splitting
  • TypeScript support (Standard Plus and Extended licenses only)
  • CSS-in-JS where CSS is composed using JavaScript instead of defined in external files.
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Next.js with App Router
  • Remix


Berry has been tested thoroughly in the following environment. 

  • Browser compatibility - Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari (macOS), Opera.
  • Design Tested on Retina Displays, Laptop media, and responsive media like Tablet / iPad and Mobile devices.
  • Page speed test made using Google Page Speed, and GT Metrix tools.

Figma design resources

The Figma design file is available in the Standard Plus & Extended License. All components and pages are available with proper arrangement. All settings like Color, Typography, Shadow, and Components are made of Master components so you can easily change the entire files with one single click.


Visit this link to access Berry's documentation.

Support & updates

Once you purchase the Berry, you will get technical support from our side*. It includes

  • Bug fixes or any other help - you can submit tickets.
  • Request new feature(s)3 - contact us. We are always happy to serve you well.


  1. Only React versions are included with purchases made from the MUI Store, while other tech versions are sold separately, read more.
  2. CRA package remaining stable at version 3.7.0
  3. Technical Support is limited for the Remix version.
  4. New features are subject to the provided roadmap here. The duration of updates and technical support are as per MUI Store policy.

Package type

Live preview


  • Quality checked by MUI team

  • 1 year of free updates
    6 months of technical support

  • Covered by our refund policy

  • Support MUI's open source projects like Material UI and Base UI.

Latest releaseMar 15, 2024
First releaseMay 21, 2021
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