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Chip generates a compact element that can represent an input, attribute, or action.


Chips are most frequently used in two main use cases: as pills of informative content or as filtering options.

<Chip onClick={()=>{}} />



After installation, you can start building with this component using the following basic elements:

import Chip from '@mui/joy/Chip';

export default function MyApp() {
  return <Chip>My chip</Chip>;

Basic usage

Chips comes with medium size, primary color, and solid variant set by default.

This is a chip
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Use the startDecorator and/or endDecorator props to add supporting icons to the chip.

Today is sunny
Tomorrow is cloudy
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Delete button

To add a delete action inside a chip, use the complementary ChipDelete component.

The onDelete callback is fired on ChipDelete either when:

  • Backspace, Enter or Delete is pressed.
  • The ChipDelete is clicked.
import ChipDelete from '@mui/joy/ChipDelete';

You can also use the chip component as a link by assigning a value of a to the component prop. Since links are the most appropriate component for navigating through pages, that's useful when you want the same chip design for a link.

Doing so will automatically change the rendered HTML tag from <div> to <a>.

Anchor chip
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To make chips clickable, pass a function to the onClick prop.

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Clickable and deletable

Use both the onClick prop and the complementary ChipDelete component to make a chip support two actions.

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With radio

Common to filtering UIs, wrap the Radio component with the Chip to use them together. Use radios when you want to enable single selection.

Best Movie

With a checkbox

Similar to the above, wrap the Checkbox component with the Chip to use them together. Use checkboxes when you want to enable multiple selection.

Favorite Movies

CSS variables playground

Play around with all the CSS variables available in the slider component to see how the design changes.

You can use those to customize the component on both the sx prop and the theme.

Some text
Person name
Person name
  startDecorator={<Avatar />}
  endDecorator={<ChipDelete />}

CSS variables



See the documentation below for a complete reference to all of the props and classes available to the components mentioned here.