Devias Kit Pro - Client and Admin Dashboard

This is a professional Next.js and Vite React dashboard that comes with plenty of ready-to-use Material UI components. The components have been developed with one common goal in mind: to help you build faster and more beautiful applications. Each component is fully customizable, responsive, and easy to integrate.

📦 Package Standard Plus Extended
Next.js (JavaScript)
Vite (JavaScript)
Create-React-App (JavaScript)  (Contact Support)
Next.js (TypeScript)  ⛔️
Next.js AppDir (TypeScript)  ⛔️
Vite (TypeScript) ⛔️
Create-React-App (TypeScript) (Contact Support) ⛔️
Next.js Starter Project (TypeScript)       ⛔️
Vite Starter Project (TypeScript)   ⛔️
Design Figma file preview ⛔️
⚡️ License
Use in a free end product   
Use in an end product that is "sold" (one or multiple paying End Users). ⛔️ ⛔️

Devias Kit Pro - Next.js v13.4 | Vite | CRA

  • NEW - Vite version
  • NEW - Next.js v13.4 /app directory version (beta release)
  • NEW - Next.js and Vite TypeScript Starter Project
  • NEW - Support for Create-React-App
  • NEW - Screens (Academy, Crypto, File Manager, Logistics, etc). See more on our changelog
  • NEW - Design system aesthetics
  • 60+ Page examples
  • 85 Individual components
  • Amplify Auth
  • Auth0 Auth
  • Firebase Auth
  • JWT Auth
  • Forms built with Formik and Yup
  • Fully responsive
  • Built with React Hooks API
  • Redux & React Context API as State Manager
  • Redux Toolkit
  • Routing System
  • Ready-to-deploy Folder Structure
  • Complete User Flows






Newly redesigned screens built with the latest Sketch & Figma features:


Follow this link to find the documentation.

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  • Quality checked by MUI team

  • 1 year of free updates
    6 months of technical support

  • Covered by our refund policy

  • Support MUI's open source projects like Material UI and Base UI.

Latest releaseJul 6, 2023
First releaseJul 20, 2019
CategoryAdmin & Dashboard
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