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Related projects

A carefully curated list of third-party tools that expand or build on top of Material UI's component library.

Developers from the community have built some excellent supplemental tools for working with Material UIā€”this page gathers the best that we've seen.

Do you have a project that you think should be featured here? We'd love to see it. Feel free to submit a pull request!

Design resources

  • UXPin: A large UI kit of Material UI components. It renders the components in a web runtime and uses the same React implementation as your production environment.

IDE tools


  • material-ui-theme-editor: A tool to generate themes for your Material UI applications that features live previewing.
  • Material palette generator: The official Material Design palette generator can be used to generate a palette for any color you choose.





Phone Number

One-Time Password

  • mui-otp-input: A One-Time Password input designed for use with Material UI.


Color picker

  • mui-color-input: A color input designed for use with Material UI, built with TinyColor.
  • material-ui-color: Collections of color components for Material UI. No dependencies, small, highly customizable, and supports theming.


  • mui-plus: A sparkline is a tiny chart that can be used to indicate the trend of a value.

Admin frameworks

  • React Admin: A frontend Framework for building data-driven applications running in the browser on top of REST/GraphQL APIs.
  • refine: An open source, headless React-based framework for the rapid development of web applications.