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Table Pagination

Table Pagination is an interface tool for splitting up large amounts of data to make it easier for users to navigate.

TablePagination API


import { TablePagination } from '@mui/base/TablePagination';
// or
import { TablePagination } from '@mui/base';

Learn about the difference by reading this guide on minimizing bundle size.


Props of the native component are also available.


The total number of rows.
To enable server side pagination for an unknown number of items, provide -1.


Callback fired when the page is changed.

Signature:function(event: React.MouseEvent | null, page: number) => void
  • event The event source of the callback.
  • page The page selected.

The zero-based index of the current page.


The number of rows per page.
Set -1 to display all the rows.

getItemAriaLabelfuncfunction defaultGetAriaLabel(type: ItemAriaLabelType) { return `Go to ${type} page`; }

Accepts a function which returns a string value that provides a user-friendly name for the current page. This is important for screen reader users.
For localization purposes, you can use the provided translations.

Signature:function(type: string) => string
  • type The link or button type to format ('first' | 'last' | 'next' | 'previous').
labelDisplayedRowsfuncfunction defaultLabelDisplayedRows({ from, to, count }: LabelDisplayedRowsArgs) { return `${from}–${to} of ${count !== -1 ? count : `more than ${to}`}`; }

Customize the displayed rows label. Invoked with a { from, to, count, page } object.
For localization purposes, you can use the provided translations.


Id of the label element within the pagination.

labelRowsPerPagenode'Rows per page:'

Customize the rows per page label.
For localization purposes, you can use the provided translations.


Callback fired when the number of rows per page is changed.

Signature:function(event: React.ChangeEvent) => void
  • event The event source of the callback.
| { label: string, value: number }>
[10, 25, 50, 100]

Customizes the options of the rows per page select field. If less than two options are available, no select field will be displayed. Use -1 for the value with a custom label to show all the rows.


Id of the select element within the pagination.

slotProps{ actions?: func
| object, displayedRows?: func
| object, menuItem?: func
| object, root?: func
| object, select?: func
| object, selectLabel?: func
| object, spacer?: func
| object, toolbar?: func
| object }

The props used for each slot inside the TablePagination.

slots{ actions?: elementType, displayedRows?: elementType, menuItem?: elementType, root?: elementType, select?: elementType, selectLabel?: elementType, spacer?: elementType, toolbar?: elementType }{}

The components used for each slot inside the TablePagination. Either a string to use a HTML element or a component.

See Slots API below for more details.

The ref is forwarded to the root element.


To learn how to customize the slot, check out the Overriding component structure guide.

Slot nameClass nameDefault componentDescription
root.base-TablePagination-root'td'The component that renders the root.
actions.base-TablePagination-actionsTablePaginationActionsThe component that renders the actions.
select.base-TablePagination-select'select'The component that renders the select.
selectLabel.base-TablePagination-selectLabel'p'The component that renders the select label.
menuItem.base-TablePagination-menuItem'option'The component that renders the menu item.
displayedRows.base-TablePagination-displayedRows'p'The component that renders the displayed rows.
toolbar.base-TablePagination-toolbar'div'The component that renders the toolbar.
spacer.base-TablePagination-spacer'div'The component that renders the spacer.

CSS classes

These class names are useful for styling with CSS. They are applied to the component's slots when specific states are triggered.

Class nameDescription
.base-TablePagination-inputClass name applied to the Select component root element.
.base-TablePagination-selectIconClass name applied to the Select component icon class.
.base-TablePagination-selectRootClass name applied to the Select component root element.