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The Popup component is a utility that lets you display content in tooltips and popovers.


The Popup is a utility component for creating various kinds of popups. It relies on the third-party Floating UI library for positioning.


import { Unstable_Popup as Popup } from '@mui/base/Unstable_Popup';

By default, the Popup is mounted to the DOM when its open prop is set to true, and removed from the DOM when open is false.

anchor is passed as the reference element to Floating UI's useFloating hook. The children are placed in a Portal prepended to the body of the document to avoid rendering problems. You can disable this behavior with disablePortal prop. See how it's done in the Disable portal section below.

The following demo shows how to create and style a basic Popup. Click Toggle Popup to see how it behaves:

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The Popup's default placement is bottom. You can change it using the placement prop. Try changing this value to top in the interactive demo below to see how it works:

Placement value:


You can animate the opening and closing of the Popup using CSS transitions, CSS animations, or third-party animation libraries. It supports the API described on the Base UI Transitions page.

Disable portal

To render the Popup where it's defined in the source, without using React portals, pass in the disablePortal prop. Note that it may cause visual clipping if a Popup is placed in a container without visible overflow.

You can use fixed positioning to prevent clipping when not using portals. The Popup has the strategy prop which is responsible for determining how the position is calculated. When set to "fixed", the fixed CSS position will be used and the Popup won't be subject to overflow hiding.

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Floating UI middleware

If you need to modify the underlying Floating UI middleware, you can do so via the middleware prop. By default, the Popup uses the offset (with the value provided in the offset prop), flip and shift functions. If you provide your own middleware array, these defaults won't be applied.