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Toolpad allows you to connect to external datasources and render dynamic data.

The easiest way to do so is to create a new query which can be used to fetch data:

  1. Locate ADD QUERY button in the Inspector on the right:

  2. There are currently 4 different datasources* that can be used to fetch data:

    • Function - advanced fetching methods which gives a lot of freedom by allowing to write custom fetching code.
    • Fetch - basic, but very powerful. Just pass URL of an API endpoint and you are ready to query your data.
    • Google Sheets - allows accessing data from your Google sheet document.
    • PostgreSQL - ability to hook directly into your own DB without the need to use API.

    * - by default you will see only Function and Fetch datasources, for Google Sheets and PostgreSQL you will first need to create a CONNECTION instance.

  3. After choosing the QUERY datasource and clicking CREATE QUERY you will be presented with a query configuration dialog (configuration settings for each individual type are documented on their respective pages).

    There are a few configuration options that are applicable to every query type:

    Query configuration
    • mode
      • Fetch at any time to always be availabe on the page - execute the query every time the window is focused to make sure you always have the latest data visible.
      • Only fetch on manual action - query has to be executed manually
    • Enabled - whether the fetch mode option should be enabled
    • Refetch interval - you can configure the query to run on an interval, e.g. every 30s. To disable this option, keep the field empty.