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Learn the basics of working with Joy UI components in three quick steps.


Install Joy via either npm or yarn using the commands below in your directory of choice.


npm init react-app spark-joy
cd spark-joy
npm install @mui/joy @emotion/react @emotion/styled
npm start


yarn create react-app spark-joy
cd spark-joy
yarn add @mui/joy @emotion/react @emotion/styled
yarn start

Set up the CssVarsProvider component

Go to your App.js file and replace it with the code snippet below. You should see the text Hello from Joy being rendered on your browser.

import { CssVarsProvider } from '@mui/joy/styles';

function App() {
  return <CssVarsProvider>Hello from Joy</CssVarsProvider>;

export default App;

Render your first component

To render any Joy component, make sure you place them inside the CssVarProvider element. Let's start off with a button.

import { CssVarsProvider } from '@mui/joy/styles';
+ import Button from '@mui/joy/Button';

function App() {
  return (
+     <Button>Joy UI</Button>

export default App;

Make sure that your development server is running, save your file, and that's it! It's that fast. You're now ready to go on exploring Joy and build amazing UIs.

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