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Component library

Component library provides an easy way to construct your application UI.

Built-in components

In order to access a list of built in components hover over Component library

Component library

Currently supported components:

  • Button - Use a button to capture user actions through a click.
  • Image - Display different types of images.
  • DataGrid - Use our premium data grid component and easily render various types of tabular data.
  • Text Field - Capture text from user input.
  • Date Picker - Select a date from a date picker.
  • File Picker - Select a local file.
  • Text - Present text content. Can be either plain text, markdow or links.
  • Select - Capture user input from a list of options.
  • Paper - Provide a visual differantation for your components
  • Tabs - A tabs strip that can be used to toggle different pages.
  • Container - A wrapper element that can be used to hide or show its children.
  • List - An array of components presented as a repeating list.

We are working hard to add even more components. To make it easier for us to understand what should be added first, please help by upvoting