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MenuUnstyled API

API reference docs for the React MenuUnstyled component. Learn about the props, CSS, and other APIs of this exported module.


For examples and details on the usage of this React component, visit the component demo pages:


import MenuUnstyled from '@mui/base/MenuUnstyled';
// or
import { MenuUnstyled } from '@mui/base';
You can learn about the difference by reading this guide on minimizing bundle size.


A ref with imperative actions. It allows to select the first or last menu item.
anchorElHTML element
| object
| func
An HTML element, virtualElement, or a function that returns either. It's used to set the position of the popper.
The component used for the root node. Either a string to use a HTML element or a component.
Always keep the menu in the DOM. This prop can be useful in SEO situation or when you want to maximize the responsiveness of the Menu.
Triggered when focus leaves the menu and the menu should close.
Controls whether the menu is displayed.
slotProps{ listbox?: func
| object, root?: func
| object }
The props used for each slot inside the Menu.
slots{ listbox?: elementType, root?: elementType }{}
The components used for each slot inside the Menu. Either a string to use a HTML element or a component.

The ref is forwarded to the root element.